Portuguese egg tart

It is a heartfelt story that will stay in my heart for the rest of my life.  It began from some baroque music social groups on Facebook, which I have been very devoted.  It came to a point out of nowhere that I got connected with a gentleman who is also a big fan of baroque music.  Liking each other’s posts, sharing and chat now and then are the usual activities in those groups.  One day, in November 2016, I decided to make a trip to Lisbon, Portugal for vacation and to visit this gentleman.  I had lots of doubts whether that was a sensible thing to do, setting out to meet a stranger, but I did it which I am thankful that I made that trip which has brought me a dear friend.


On the day that I arrived, he took a day off and came all the way to pick me up at Lisbon airport, at where I tried my very first authentic Portuguese egg tart.  Got to say it was not the same as those I usually have in Hong Kong or even Macau. That was the original Portuguese egg tart which was super sweet lol.

During my stay, he took care of every single detail for me.  He planned a tailor-made itinerary for me.  And the most impressive thing was that he was with me all the way through without leaving me feeling puzzled.  He even had a local sim card ready for me to use.  Authentic delicacy dinners, must-see scenic spots of Portugal, cultural entertainment, you name it, all arranged in a perfect flow. Got to say that was my most fantastic vacation ever.

From there, our friendship began, and it didn’t diminish because of my return to Hong Kong. He has shown me what true friendship is by being with me through the few years till now, during which I experienced the biggest challenge in my life.

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