It’s the little things in life

Another scale nine morning as usual, and meds aren’t helping much. I thought of writing something about my pain but changed my mind as some say, the more you talk about and focus on your pain, the more it hurts. I got up from my chair, forced myself into the shower, rubbed CBD topical on my back and neck afterwards, well, areas that I could reach, and got out of my place for breakfast as quick as I could, ignoring my pain.

Sitting down at the cafe that I always visit was already almost two in the afternoon, long passed the breakfast menu time, but they still prepared my favourite yoghurt bowl, just for me. All in all, they have always been caring on my conditions. Every now and then I would get encouragement messages from them on Instagram or Facebook. It’s the little things in life that make life worthwhile, and that helps to distract my attention to my relentless body pain to some extent, at least momentarily.

Rings Coffee, Kowloon City.

There was another heart warming incident that I would like to share though it seemed trivial. It happened at the foyer of my building yesterday. After physical therapy, I dropped my stuffs and then headed out again to get my takeout for dinner. My rice in soup and a cup of tea, a tote bag on my shoulder, and my walking stick were already quite difficult to manage. The door at the entrance is very heavy, while I was struggling to pull it open, a young lady who lives in the same building stepped forward and held the door open for me. In return, as a courtesy, I held the lift door for her while she was checking her mailbox. Guess what? Mr. Postman dropped a letter of mine into her mailbox by mistake. Security attendant told her that he’s right there in the lift waiting for you. She handed over my letter, an important letter from the Social Welfare Department, I looked into her eyes with tears, and said, “Thank you very much young lady. Bless you.” A little gesture of kindness would never be wasted.

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