The doyley of pain

So I’m asked to describe how I concentrate to write or focus on anything when pain is such a major contributor in my life and a permanent. I thought …

The doyley of pain

She spoke my mind. It’s extremely difficult at times when I am in excruciating pain, like right now, however, on the second thought, what else could I do if I were not to call the ambulance? Non-stop hospitalisation is not gonna save me or make any changes. The only option left is to find ways to push through the day or night. I almost fainted earlier but I still went out to get food, but in fact I should be in hospital. Repetitive stories of pain until one day I became bedridden and got no more strength to write a few words.

Published by Des Syun

Physically challenged with relentless chronic pain, but it doesn't define me.

2 thoughts on “The doyley of pain

  1. I’m so sorry. It’s a tough existence and very little reward. We both know what we’re in for and our future is not so bright. Stay strong and be kind to yourself. Big hugs and you’re not alone….

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