Jefferson Market Garden

It was May 2019, and the weather was already becoming hot, alluring to some. I tended to fly like migrating birds around the globe following the weather. Temperature ranging between ten and twenty degrees would be ideal. New York was one of the cities I would fly to often when Hong Kong was getting hot and humid, despite the ultra-long flying hours. Our flights would generally take the polar route up, via Alaska, down or across the continent of the States and Canada. We would have four to five hours’ bunk rest so it wasn’t too bad, providing it’s a “smooth flight”. We had a few flights to New York and stayed at different hotels downtown or in Brooklyn. I didn’t have a preference as I loved New York. There are parks and museums that I would never get tired of visiting again and again, or spending an afternoon at the Public Library and Barnes & Nobles, let alone my favourite Everything bagel with sausage, egg and cheese. We stayed at the Marriott in Brooklyn then, and the weather was perfect with a clear blue sky. Nice hotel with a well-equipped gym and swimming pool, but I’d rather venture out for a long walk. I would walk for five or six hours before returning to the hotel unless it was too cold.

Jefferson Market Garden

Sex and The City was one of my favourite American TV series back then, other than Will & Grace. There were a few places that I always wanted to visit, like the garden at where Miranda got married and Carrie’s residence at Perry Street. After hours of walking and getting lost, I finally found Jefferson Market Garden, where Miranda and Steve had their wedding ceremony. It’s on Greenwich Avenue, between 6th Avenue and W 10th Street in Greenwich Village. It’s a little community garden looked after by volunteers. The couple stumbled upon the park in the TV series, and Miranda decided it was the perfect place to tie the knot. In reality, many couples have now followed in Miranda and Steve’s footsteps, and there’s a thriving business in weddings there. It’s a lovely and peaceful garden, though not massive, with many different kinds of flowers and benches around. I sat on one of the benches for a while to relax with my coffee and bagel, and that’s how I got the inspiration for the headline and icon of my blog ~ “Come sit with me for a little while…”

After finishing my bagel and taking a few photos in the garden, I googled up 1866 Perry Street, Carrie Bradshaw’s residence, which was only about ten minutes’ walk away, but it took me half an hour to get there. Google map isn’t very reliable, but I haven’t found other better options. Wonder what apps Uber or taxi drivers use for directions different from google. When I got to Perry Street, I could already see some tourists in the distance taking photos in front of Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment. The frontage and grand sweeping stairs outside were seen as Carrie’s apartment through most TV series and movies. You’ll find that this street is one of the most attractive in Greenwich Village. You can’t stand on the steps, and if you take a photo, you’re asked to leave a charity donation in the box outside, which I did too, and mission accomplished for the day (lol).

It was already late afternoon, so I hurried back to the hotel on foot. Surprisingly, I didn’t get lost again, although it took me almost two hours. I was thrilled when I finally saw Brooklyn Bridge which meant almost there. Feeling exhausted, I quickly grabbed another bagel, some fruits and a cup of decaf coffee at a bagel shop that was still open, then returned to the hotel feeling satisfied and looking forward to my lovely buffet breakfast at the lobby in the morning – a cup of freshly brewed dark roast and a bowl of plain yoghurt with assorted berries on top to begin with.

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